Make Healthier Decisions Each Day

I make healthier decisions each day.

I consider how every decision I make impacts my health. Many of the decisions I make can either support or degrade my health. Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice that I make each day.

My health is my greatest priority. Everything else means little if my health fails.

I choose healthy foods and beverages. The food I eat has a significant impact on my health. Choosing which food to eat is the most important decision I make each day.

It is impossible to remain healthy when I eat unhealthy food. Eating nutritious foods strongly supports my health.

My safety is important to me.

I consider my safety when making decisions. Protecting myself is another way I make healthy choices. I avoid people, activities, and situations that endanger my health. There are plenty of safe people and activities to keep me interested and entertained.

I take the time to relax each day.

Stress is terrible for my health. I avoid stress when I can. However, I also know how to relax in a healthy way. I only need a small amount of time each day to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Today, I put my health at the top of my list of priorities. I focus on making healthier decisions. Today is the beginning of a new outlook on life that focuses on my health.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I do every day that is harmful to my health? Why am I doing these things?
  2. What are five healthy habits I could add to my life that would make a difference?
  3. What is the most dangerous or reckless thing I do? Why do I do it?